Links For the Egyptian/North African Revolution #ChickenRevolution 8.0 and 9.0

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Chicken Revolution 8.0

Behind Egypt’s revolution: youth and the internet

Social networks, social revolution

Youtube, Facebook and Twitter have become the new weapons of mass mobilisation.

Unrest Spreads, Some Violently, in Middle East

Labor unrest hits Egypt’s strategic Suez Canal

Conductor’s strike brings railways to a halt

The false anxiety of influence

The revolution in Egypt is a unique historical event, seperate from Iran in 1979 or France in 1789, author says.

Egyptians defy call to end strikes

The Poetry of Revolt

Mona Eltahawy: Women in Egypt

Egypt Blogger SandMonkey Unmasked

A Warning for Egyptian Revolutionaries:

Courtesy of People Power in the Philippines

Clashes rock Bahraini capital

Bloody crackdown smashes Bahrain protesters

At least four dead, 60 said to be missing and more than 600 reported hurt

In Bahrain, Protesters Look to Tap Into ‘Regional Momentum’

Bahrain Police Crack Down; 5 Dead and Hundreds Hurt

Video of deadly Bahrain protests as violence escalates in Manama

Bloody crackdown smashes Bahrain protesters

Bahrain: Police Attack Sleeping Protesters

In Bahrain: ‘Grief Is Turning To Anger Very Rapidly’

Bahrain military patrols streets of Manama after attack on protesters,0,1217723.story

Bahrain protests a worry for US and its fifth fleet

Libya protests: Activists call for ‘day of anger’

Libya’s regime must now fear its people’s anger

Morocco campaign #feb20 #morocco

Raymond Davis: Pakistan delays ruling on jailed American

Our G-Zero World Nouriel Roubini

Egyptian peoples’ power persists: Revolution continues

Uganda election: Politics and land rights collide in the country’s oil-rich east

U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, ‘By Mistake’

Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in a Revolution

Social media: Africa’s new musical frontier

FBI to Announce New Internet-Wiretapping Push

Why is Glenn Beck freaking out over Egypt and a caliphate?

Chicken Revolution 9.0

Egypt and Tunisia: The Untold Story

Behind Egypt’s revolution: youth and the internet

The Generation Changing the World,16641,20110228,00.html

Egypt and the global economic order

Egypt Detainees

Videos From Tahrir: Best Footage from January 25th Revolution

The Great Arab Revolt

Bahraini doctor pleads for help

Live Blog – Bahrain

Bahrain protests: Angry mourners bury clashes victims

Libya protests leave 24 dead, says rights group

Kadhafi loyalists threaten to snuff Libya protests

Fresh protests hit Iraqi cities

Egyptians pack into Cairo square for ‘Friday of Victory’

New clashes erupt in Bahrain after marchers rally in support of king

FBI Pushes for Surveillance Backdoors in Web 2.0 Tools

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