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Chicken Revolution 1.0

The Press keeps on calling this a “Middle Eastern Uprising” and I’m saying it’s just the tip of “(North) African Revolution” … Neoliberalism will finally be challenged by Asymmetrical CyberYouth all across the Planet of Slums (Globally) … They will be driven by Indigenous Mythology, Religion and Evolutionary Culture …

Wired and Shrewd, Young Egyptians Guide Revolt

“In the process many have formed some unusual bonds that reflect the singularly nonideological character of the Egyptian youth revolt, which encompasses liberals, socialists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood.” ~ IE new Cultural Values have usurped Ideological Puritanism  (JK) …

6 April Movement- حركة 6 ابريل

People & Power

Egypt: Seeds of change

Cyber-guerrillas within the heart of the neo-liberal order ~ armed with cutting edge real-time technology and the power of mythology establish assymetrical challenges to the hegemonic forces of the Egyptian State …

People & Power reveals the story behind the unprecedented political protests in Egypt.

“The Evolution will be Socialized”

From the actions of the Egyptian government to the policies of Facebook, the monopolies of central banks to the corporatization of the Internet, we are witnessing the potential of a peer-to-peer networking become overshadowed by the hierarchies of the status quo. It’s time for us to gather and see what is still possible on the net, and what, if anything, can be built to replace it.

Egypt Youths Play New Role: Driving a Revolt

The youth of Tahrir Square

With Twitter and Facebook Blocked in Egypt, Protesters Turn to Proxies | –

Old tech aids Egyptian protests

Old technology finds role in Egyptian protests

How Users in Egypt Are Bypassing Twitter & Facebook Blocks

Egypt protest leaflets distributed in Cairo give blueprint for mass action | World news | The Guardian

» Egypt’s Internet Shutdown Can’t Stop Mass Protests

Egyptians Connecting To The Internet Via Modem, Fax, Ham Radio

How Was Egypt’s Internet Access Shut Off?: Scientific American

How Egypt Turned Off the Internet!5746121/how-egypt-turned-off-the-internet

Tunisia, Egypt, Miami: The Importance of Internet Choke Points – Andrew Blum – Technology – The Atlantic

How to Foil a Nationwide Internet Shutdown!5746046/how-to-foil-a-nationwide-internet-shutdown

Inside the State Department’s Arab Twitter diplomacy

Anonymous Hackers Launch Wikileaks for Normal People [Hackers]!5758753/anonymous-hackers-launch-wikileaks-for-normal-people

CNN – RUSHKOFF: Internet is easy prey for governments

Why’d a Battle-Ready Mubarak Turn Egypt’s Internet Back On? | techPresident

Hackers Will Create Mesh Network To Bring Egypt Back Online | Motherboard–2

Google launches Twitter workaround for Egypt

New Service Allows Egyptian Voices to Be Heard

Egyptian Actions Highlight Dangers in U.S. Cybersecurity Proposals

Egypt Flips Internet Kill Switch, Is the U.S. Next? – by PC Magazine,2817,2376905,00.asp

Behind (and beyond) Egypt’s Internet shutdown

Egypt’s Facebook Rebel

Meet Asma Mahfouz and the vlog that started a revolution


Twenty-eight hours in Tahrir

Mark LeVine describes the sense of exhilaration among Egyptians at Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Tahrir: Between the festive and the political

The Growing Importance of Online Awareness Networks

Egyptian president steps down amidst groundbreaking digital revolution

World Leaders Cheer but Remain Wary (of Social Networking)

Should spies spend more time on Twitter?

Knocking over entire web systems

Facebook and YouTube Fuel the Egyptian Protests

A Question of Arab Unity – Disillusion – 03 Mar 08 – Pt.1

The Disruptiveness of Social Media – Update

Victory for Egypt’s Leaderless Revolution

Plans For Egypt’s Transition Do Not Speak to Intensifying Financial Crisis

Equal Rights Takes to the Barricades

Are Soccer Fans the Unsung Heroes of Egypt’s Uprising?!5746811/are-soccer-fans-the-unsung-heroes-of-egypts-uprising

4 Reasons Why Egypt’s Revolution Is Not Islamic

Egypt: An idea whose time has come

For Egypt, This Is the Miracle of Tahrir Square

The People of Egypt Have Done It! They Have Driven Mubarak Out!

The Woman Who’s Explaining Egypt To The West!5747762/the-woman-whos-explaining-egypt-to-the-west

Egypt’s popular revolution will change the world

In discovering their power to determine their future, north Africa’s protesters have already opened a new age in world history

For Egypt, this is the miracle of Tahrir Square

Comrades and Brothers

Egypt: A Striking Success & An Uncertain Future

The resurrection of pan-Arabism

Egypt: Seeds of change

Arab Leaders, Facing Calls for Reform, Consider Next Move

Egypt Erupts in Jubilation as Mubarak Steps Down


WikiLeaks Backers `Anonymous’ to Be Probed by U.S. Grand Jury

Bread and Butter Revolution: Egypt’s Workers Mobilize for a New Future

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategy in Egypt

Political Islam is here to stay — US must accept and adjust

Military falls out with protesters over Egypt’s path to democracy

Egyptian Military: Country Will Keep Current Leadership, Adhere to Treaties

Why the Army Won’t Shoot Protesters

Egypt uprising is turning point for region and U.S. » peoplesworld

How food prices can fuel revolutions like Egypt’s

Building The Great Pyramid – BBC 1/6

The Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘intellectual godfather’

Young Voices of the North African Revolution:

“There is a rising conscience in the region, so why not go for it?” … “It is about time we show what we’re really made of. Our brothers in Tunisia did it and so did our brothers in Egypt. It is about time for us.” ~ Young Sudanese Protesters, (Source: NY Times)

Algerian protesters clash with police as Egypt fervour spreads

Fresh clashes in Yemen over support for government

Thousands rally in Yemen’s capital

Yemen: Pro-Government Forces Attack Demonstrators

Africa reacts to the fall of Mubarak

Hunger and food security: Is Africa selling the farm?

Pambazuka – Tunisia’s revolution: Self-organisation for self-emancipation

Sudan’s protests triggered by long-term economic, political frustrations

A more complicated discussion we all should begin to have is on the nature of American Empire and how it operates – how it constrains and contradicts what should be natural diplomatic exchanges and gestures. We need to review the nature and limits of Executive power, Electoral Power and how we as Americans should begin to spark our own movement for a more genuine Democracy.

Obama on Mubarak Resignation: ‘Egypt Will Never Be the Same’

When Democracy Weakens

Could a U.S. government crackdown take America off the internet?!5746338/could-a-us-government-crackdown-take-america-off-the-internet

Mubarak steps down: Obama’s a big reason why

Timeline: US indecision on Egypt

Mubarak Steps Down and Fox News Calls the American People Marxist

The Lobbyists Watching Egypt’s Back

Washington’s Secret History with the Muslim Brotherhood

Lobbyists Help Egyptian Officials Get Aid, Support From U.S.

Meet the Two American Companies Helping Egypt Restrict Its People

The Middle East’s Pox Americana

Chomsky: Why the Mideast Turmoil Is a Direct Threat to the American Empire

The Great Unravelling: Tunisia, Egypt and the Protracted Collapse of the American Empire

10 Reasons Americans Should Care About the Egyptian Revolution

Israelis divided on how to respond to Egypt turmoil,0,403589.story?track=rss

IMF calls for dollar alternative

The Internet Strikes Back: Tell Congress to Stand Up for Net Neutrality

CIA: Frank G. Wisner arrived in Cairo [Voltaire]

WikiLeaks: Egyptian torturers trained by FBI

ISS – U.S. defense contractors with the most at stake in Egypt

CNN: Getting to the truth in Egypt

» Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Legislation Back in Play

WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices | Business | The Guard

» Anonymous Hacks Security Firm Investigating It and Releases E-mail

ONES + ZEROS: 02/07/2011–2

‘Anonymous’ Takes Down Security Firm That Threatened to Expose its Members – by PC Magazine,2817,2379587,00.asp

Anonymous Hackers Pay Back FBI Snitch with 50,000 Leaked Emails!5753570/anonymous-hackers-pay-back-fbi-snitch-with-50000-leaked-emails

Julian Assange: ‘How do you attack an organisation? You attack its leadership’ | Media | The Observe

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, Pt. 1 – 60 Minutes – CBS News

EFF Uncovers Widespread FBI Intelligence Violations

A Campaign to Smear WikiLeaks Supporters – Truthdig

Chicken Revolution 2.0

How Twitter has become the people’s voice on the eve of its fifth birthday

From Stephen Fry’s thoughts to protests in Egypt and Tunisia, the micro-blogging site has changed the way we communicate. But will it become the voice of revolution or another social media cash cow?

My Love, Egypt

Egypt: The camp that toppled a president

The tyrant has gone. Now the real struggle begins for Egypt

The protesters have stripped Mubarak and his foreign backers of their authority. But the roots of despotism run deep

New Yorkers celebrate Egypt revolution

A Perfect End to a Perfect Revolution: Massive Volunteer Clean-Up at Tahrir Square

Protesters Are Awesome: Look at This Beautiful Video of Today’s “Day of Cleaning” in Egypt

Egypt shows ‘clash of civilizations’ was a myth‘clash-of-civilizations’-was-a-myth/

Egypt Celebrations: PHOTOS Following Mubarak Resignation

World Celebrates with Egypt (Feb 11-12)

Egypt: Hosni Mubarak used last 18 days in power to secure his fortune

To Mohammad El-Sayed Said

Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst pays tribute to the community organisers who made Egypt’s revolution possible.

Popular anger boils over in Iraq

Further protests in Algeria, Tunisia and Yemen

Unrest in Algeria Put Down by Police

Algeria Internet Not Shut Down, According To Renesys Analysis

Algeria A Timeline of Discontent

Protests in Algeria and Yemen

Scuffles have broken out at pro-democracy rallies in Algeria and Yemen following the fall of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.

After Tunisia, a rise of revolt in Algeria?

Iran Green Movement

Thousands March in Anti-Govt Protest in Baghdad

Lawyers Union Organizes Call to Sack Judges, Investigate Secret Prisons

White House Reporters Send Terse Letter To Gibbs Over Press Shop’s Handling Of Egypt

Chicken Revolution3.0

People & Power – Egypt: Seeds of change

The Facebook Freedom Fighter

Wael Ghonim’s day job was at Google. But at night he was organizing a revolution.

The Secret Rally That Sparked an Uprising

Cairo Protest Organizers Describe Ruses Used to Gain Foothold Against Police; the Candy-Store Meet That Wasn’t on Facebook

Egyptian Activists Inspired by Forgotten Martin Luther King Comic

Martin Luther King Jr. comic book distributed in Tahrir Square

Social Media in North Africa

Wael Ghonim 60 Minutes

The Dead and Martyred

Egypt: First the government, next the arts?,0,7859859.story

Trade unions: the revolutionary social network at play in Egypt and Tunisia

Egypt revolution: With a military junta in charge, now the politics start|+All+Stories)

A Guide to Reading the Egyptian Uprising in its first week

Mona Eltahawy on ABC’s This Week

Obama Team Missed Egypt Signals

Egypt army struggles to clear Tahrir Square protesters

Egypt’s Military Dissolves Parliament; Calls for Vote

A Free Egypt Means Freedom From America

Army and protesters disagree over Egypt’s path to democracy

Activists reject army appeal to leave Tahrir Square as new leadership resists pressure to hand power to civilian administration

Dual Uprisings Show Potent New Threats to Arab States

On “Leaderless Revolutions” and the Fall of Mubarak

An Egyptian Revolution? It’s Still Too Soon to Say

The revolution continues after Mubarak’s fall

Egypt’s New Military Rulers To Ban Unions, Strikes

Egypt rebellion spreads to sprawling state economy

Egypt revolution: With a military junta in charge, now the politics start|+All+Stories)

Mideast Unrest Spreads

Protests Target Iran, Bahrain, Libya; Egypt Dissolves Parliament, Sets Elections

Yesterday Egypt, today Algeria

This was the slogan of the brave protesters in Algiers on Saturday, making the first breach in Algeria’s wall of fear

Five Arab Countries That the “Jasmine Revolution” May Spread to Next

Algeria protesters push for change

Chicken revolution 4.0

Egyptian protesters slam military rule

Egypt’s revolution has just begun

Chicken Revolution 5.0

On “Leaderless Revolutions” and the Fall of Mubarak

by David Porter

Egypt revolution: With a military junta in charge, now the politics start|+All+Stories)

Trade unions: the revolutionary social network at play in Egypt and Tunisia

The media have focused on Facebook and Twitter, but the pro-democracy movements have flourished thanks to unions

Egypt protests continue in the factories

Egypt’s striking workers won’t entrust the transition to democracy to the generals who were the backbone of the dictatorship

Region in revolt

Labor Activists Rejoice in Egypt, but Will It Last?

Egypt public sector staff on strike

Strikes spread after Egypt uprising, worrying army

Egypt’s New Military Rulers To Ban Unions, Strikes

Army takes over in Egypt and orders ban on trade union strikes after old regime deposed

Egypt rebellion spreads to sprawling state economy

Facebook Officials Keep Quiet on Its Role in Revolts

A Tunisian-Egyptian Link That Shook Arab History

Spreading Revolution

The Secret Rally That Sparked an Uprising

Cairo Protest Organizers Describe Ruses Used to Gain Foothold Against Police; the Candy-Store Meet That Wasn’t on Facebook

Egypt’s revolution has just begun

Egypt: First the government, next the arts?

With Hosni Mubarak’s repressive regime gone, filmmakers, musicians and others hope freedom of expression will thrive. Some already have crossed old boundaries.,0,7859859.story

Egypt Martyrs

The Facebook Freedom Fighter

Wael Ghonim’s day job was at Google. But at night he was organizing a revolution.

Sout Al Horeya صوت الحريه Amir Eid – Hany Adel – Hawary On Guitar & Sherif On Keyboards

What makes a revolution succeed?

While the aspirations are different, Egyptians could take five lessons from Iran’s 1979 revolt.

Exactly what role did social media play in the Egyptian revolution?

The Reality of Revolution

Without economic justice, democratic dreams in the Middle East can never truly be fulfilled.

Egypt revolution: Protesters vow to keep pressure on military

Arab women lead the charge for political change

Egypt: The Distance Between Enthusiasm and Reality

Yesterday Egypt, today Algeria

This was the slogan of the brave protesters in Algiers on Saturday, making the first breach in Algeria’s wall of fear

Algeria ‘to lift emergency laws’

Foreign minister says 19-year-old emergency will end “within days” amid calls for more protests against government.

Bahrain Uprising: Footage of Police Brutality and Live Firing at Protesters

As Egypt uprising inspires Middle East, Iran sees biggest protests in a year

Thousands of Yemeni protesters urge veteran leader Saleh to quit

Police disperse Iranian protesters with tear gas

Egypt’s impact: Unrest sweeps the Middle East

Obama mum on crackdown in Yemen

Assange: WikiLeaks helped spark Tunisia, Egypt revolutions

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