3 more days before 01. 01. 11

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2:18 am Wed. 12. 29. 10 …

Say you will sing your songs

Forever more …

Gonna be some sweet sounds

Coming down on the nightshift

I bet you’re singing proud

Oh I bet you’ll pull a crowd

Gonna be a long night

It’s gonna be all right

On the nightshift

Oh you found another home

I know you’re not alone

On the nightshift

~ Commodores “Nightshift” …

Music opens our heart to memories buried deep within the mind …

“I cannot help but to feel the universe … the past, future and present.”

4:54 am Wed. 12. 29. 10 …

So I’m supposed to be going to bed. I’m supposed to be sleeping. I’m supposed to be doing a lot of things. There are so many obligations delayed with a good share of my own burdens, but at this moment I am writing. I am inspired by a constellation of events. As Buddha, Jesus or Malcolm X once said, just “make it plain.”

Despite my motions the Sun will still rise.

One more sip of ale.

“Imagine our primordial ancestors charting the heavens and stars leading the trail for us to find our way home. They must have loved us so.”

Every 2,150 years a different astrological constellation falls in alignment on the sunrise of the Spring Equinox. With the passing of some 25,765 years all 12 signs of the astrological Zodiac will have completed this particular celestial precession of the equinoxes.

This rather obscure scientific process is a lineage to my human past. There are people who I’d like to call my ancestors who studiously and bravely guarded this process from generation to generation orally and symbolically, through myth and ritual culture. I imagine the kind of cultural fortitude it must have required. Unshakeable faith in the dimension of mystery and potentiality, an undying hope that tomorrow will come and a fiery love to illuminate the darkness of the world.

In my minds eye the sky opens up. There are so many stars in the expansive night … like atomized drops of water in all the oceans and all the grains of sand on the shores. These stars were also mapped by force of will, hope and love ages ago by our ancestors as a guide for their progeny and it is in the least an assuring reason for hope in our time. It is enough of an anchor in troubled times, to know that we do not have to be deluged with pessimism and misery. They left no doubt in my mind of my place in the universe, and my relationship to their insight.

“Though separated by time and space we are connected by a legacy of love.”

3:14 am Wed. 12. 29. 10 …

I’ve just arrived for Korean styled Pho. It’s open 24 hours and I love having the whole restaurant to myself. It makes me feel special by default. “The Nightshift” by the Commodores is on repeat in my head. The ajushi on duty has MJ on heavy rotation with the latest fare of K-Pop music. Eating alone can become an act of seditious meditation.

1:00 pm Sun.  12. 26. 10 …

Laundry was backed up for weeks. I’m heading to the local Laundromat … the snow is falling pretty steady. Thundersnow NYC has begun.

6:16 am Wed. 12. 29. 10 …

The sun is beginning to peak in a slow orange radiating glow. I feel that the night has run its course.

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